The Role of Africa in the fight against racism in the African diaspora

In recent years, the world has rediscovered Africa. And, this lost space as it was presented in the Western world of the 1980s, emerges in this second decade of the millennium, as a continent of hope, for industrialized and emerging economies. Its vast natural resources, population diversity and institutional stabilization, has presented itself as the great frontier of economic and social development. 

Main Objective: 

To hold in SEPTEMBER 2022 the 5th edition of FEAFRO International Business Fair in FORT LOUDERDALE – FLORIDA / USA with the participation of Brazilian, American, the African diaspora and African companies for commercial, cultural and institutional exchange.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To promote AFRICAN COUNTRIES AND AFRICAN DIASPORA COUNTRIES through exhibitions at booths, business rounds, press and other media;

2. Conduct business rounds and investment forums.

3. Seek development for entrepreneurship in the sectors of services, infrastructure, energy, the creative economy and family farming.

4. Generate direct, indirect jobs and social inclusion.

5. Seek exchange for cultural and business tourism.

6. Strengthen relations focused on establishing solidarity partnerships aimed at public policies of economic growth and diversification, combined with combating inequalities and income distribution.

7. To represent a dynamic force in the international arena through the meeting of African nations in this transcontinental event strengthening multilateral and Pan-Africanism relations.

8. To hold the first edition of the sustainable AFRICA AWARD.

9. Promote our sponsors and supporters.