Partners for Success

FEAFRO is an excellent tool to develop diversified marketing actions and activations for sponsoring companies according to the investment.

In addition to the common package of reciprocity offered in sponsorships, we seek to meet the needs of our investor, working together to develop the company’s strategies in synergies with the contentdeveloped at the event.

Feafro participants are: 72% “Decision Maker” and 41% Opinion Makers. In this perspective the activities that take place simultaneously in the event generate possibilities to meet planning in: institutional marketing, commercial, social, luxury, engagement, inbound, outbound, lead capture, lead nutrition, finally, we are prepared to adapt our actions to the need for your investment.

But whatever the COMPANY’s strategy they all get into global issues such as:





All these TOPICS will be discussed, negotiated, presented and developed during FEAFRO, either: at the Afro Tourism Seminar, at the Meeting of Women Entrepreneurs of Africa and the Diaspora, at the Social Economic Forum, workshops, business roundrooms, space dedicated to the micro and small entrepreneur, in addition to the enormous experience that the Fair generates in prospecting an international market for all these social profiles.