Your Company And FEAFRO

The participation of a prestigious and historical corporation in FEAFRO brings numerous possibilities of actions that can be studied and combined in relation to our target audience.

FEAFRO is a platform that allows tangible values and returns to its investors, through:

  1. To provide the customer and other participants with the expansion of their business and know new markets, enabling a network with more than 32 countries on the African continent.
  2. Present B2B and B2C opportunities, governments and growing markets of the African Continent and other participating countries.
  3. Inbound actions to attract new customers.
  4. Promotion of products and activations
  5. Social action in sustainability and diversity that will contribute directly to the participation of micro and small entrepreneurs and afro entrepreneurs; Forum of Women Entrepreneurs of Africa and the Diaspora; Black Diasporas Forum that will discuss “Combating Racism and the Role of African Leaders in this struggle.”; Cultural Actions (according to programming) that will take place parallel to the event.
  6. List of opportunities to meet the most sensitive demands of your interests, and others that can be developed with the company’s team.